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photo by Robert Walsh

Explore a house whose atmosphere and essence is the showcase of the first of the great trends in interior design for the year 2019. We found it among the finalists of the Australian Interior Design Awards 2018.

The house received nominations in two categories – Residential Design and Residential Decor. Designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, it is located in Coogee, a dense suburb of Sydney.


This house for a young family has a distinctive monolithic look, but due to its perforated façade doesn’t seem robust or clumsy. With clever layering of space, the architects created a lively and flexible house that offers both breathtaking views and desirable privacy.

Why did we fall in love with this house?

Indoor atriums, high ceilings and natural materials in soft, light shades bring a sense of openness and lightness.

The living room is partly also a modern art gallery.

A million dollar view.

Leather covers are again in demand owning to modern processing technologies, as the sofa and armchair in camel-coloured leather show.

Forget your preconceived ideas that leather is cold to touch or sticky in the summer. True cow leather, such as the one used in manufacture of high-quality leather sofas, is a natural material that is breathable and pleasant to touch.

Besides the sofa in the living room there is also the so-called daybed where you can rest throughout the day.

Multilayered natural structures are particularly in vogue.

Apart from books, there are many beautiful objects on the shelves, often from natural materials and with distinct patina.

The main bathroom has a mirror wall on one side.

The house offers plenty of storage space thanks to the elegant built-in wardrobes.

You can still enjoy the view even if you need privacy and decide to “lower the blinds“.

Metal elements add to the appeal of the house.

The strict lines of modern architecture create a dynamic contrast with deliberately imperfect details, such as the exposed brick wall in the atrium.

The terraced garden beds with stairs act as a solution to the sloping land.

The house is notably connected with the nature. Blooming greenery is also present on the top of the double garage roof.

Feeling inspired yet? In our future articles, we will bring many more interesting interior designs, designers and architects.